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Larder Baking Company Blueberry Boule
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bolillo baguette

blueberry boule (1 lb, 1.5 lb)

brioche burger bun

brioche hot dog bun

brioche hot dog bun, mini

brioche loaf (sliced)

brioche slider bun (.5 oz, 1 oz, 1.5 oz)

cherry cashew boule

ciabatta loaf

ciabatta mini 2x2

ciabatta roll w/kalamata olives

ciabatta roll w/rosemary

ciabatta sandwich roll 5x3

country white boule

country white loaf (sliced)

cranberry pecan boule

date walnut boule

dinner rolls (assorted flavors)



ficelle long skinny

ficelle w/poppy seeds

ficelle w/sesame seeds

focaccia 1/2 sheet

focaccia 1/2 sheet w/herbs & evoo

french baguette

french roll "bolillo" (5 oz, 7 oz)

jalapeno cheese roll

lavash (assorted flavors)

multigrain boule

multigrain loaf (sliced)

olive boule

olive loaf (sliced)

pain au lait (assorted styles)

pain de mie (sliced)

parkerhouse roll

petit pain (French)

potato bun

potato hot dog bun

"pretzel" bun

"pretzel" hot dog bun

pullman loaf  country white (sliced)

pullman loaf multigrain (sliced)

pullman loaf pumpernickel (sliced)

pullman loaf raisin (sliced)

pullman loaf rosemary (sliced)

pullman loaf rye caraway (sliced)

pullman loaf sourdough (sliced)

pullman loaf whole wheat (sliced)

pumpernickel loaf (sliced)

raisin boule (golden & dark)

rosemary boule

rosemary loaf (sliced)

rye caraway baguette

rye caraway boule

rye caraway loaf (sliced)

seeded golden raisin rye

sourdough "Natan's" loaf

sourdough baguette

sourdough boule

sourdough loaf (sliced)

wheat burger bun

whole wheat boule

whole wheat ciabatta loaf

whole wheat loaf (sliced)




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