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Born in Venezuela, Nathan started boarding school at the young age of four and was raised by the nuns along with his siblings.  Nathan would sneak out of his room at night to watch the nuns bake in the kitchen, led by Head Chef of the School, Jean-Pierre.

Before long Jean-Pierre noticed Nathan spying on the baking in the middle of the night and allowed Nathan to become his apprentice at twelve years old.  As time passed and growing elderly, Jean-Pierre passed his baking secrets on to Nathan so his legend would live on. He taught Nathan how to make the ‘mother’ from grapes and he made sure Nathan mastered all of the secret recipes.

After college, Nathan’s career led him through Canada, New York and Connecticut until he landed in Los Angeles, California.  Nathan was hired by several bakeries for consulting. His talent and good fortune brought him to Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne and he began baking for them at a.o.c. at their original location around 2007. The timing was serendipitous as Suzanne and Caroline were looking for a head baker to run their bread program. When Tavern opened in 2009 with a bakery built into the plan of a fine dining restaurant, bar and marketplace, Nathan moved there to bake full time.

The Larder Baking Company was formed in 2013.Nathan is a partner of the bakery along with Suzanne and Caroline and leads the kitchen.  All of his breads are hand-made and are still produced not only with the original ‘mother’ starter he mastered many years ago but his passion for bread.