King Arthur Flour, America's oldest flour company, has been inspiring bakers since 1790. More than just a baking company, King Arthur believes baked goods and doing good go hand in hand. They achieve this by providing resources, education, and inspiration to build stronger communities across the country, focusing on feeding the hungry and providing long-term food security.


Based in Vermont, King Arthur Flour is 100% employee owned. They source their grains and flour as close to the end user as possible by working directly with a network of mills across the country. Their flour is never bleached and contains no unnecessary chemical additives, instead relying on premium wheat and tight milling specifications for consistent and reliable performance in baking. As an expert source of baking knowledge for home bakers for generations, King Arthur provides the same reliability, consistency, and support to professional customers nationwide.




Cordillera is named for the three different cordilleras, or mountain ranges, that make up the Andes Mountains in Colombia where the cacao grows. Cordillera chocolate is the first Fair Trade Certified™ “single origin” chocolate — the cacao beans are grown, processed, and manufactured into a finished product all from within Colombia. This gives the CNC greater control of their product, and it also means the group has been certified as having achieved a high level of social responsibility in which it gives back to the communities that grow the cacao.


Farmers receive a premium price for cocoa, higher than that of Fair Trade Certification standards; more money goes to the farmers’ pockets and less to the certification board or middle man. Education and training is provided to farmers in regards to the responsible handling of solid, liquid and gas wastes from production, in order to preserve natural resources.





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