ciabatta loaf

ciabatta roll 4x4

ciabatta roll 4x4 olives

ciabatta roll 4x4 rosemary


focaccia half sheet plain

focaccia half sheet w/herbs and evoo

focaccia half sheet w/herbs and parmesan

focaccia half sheet w/kalamata olives


french baguette

french baguette demi

french baguette rustic pointy ends

french bijou

french country boule

french dinner roll

french epi

french ficelle

french ficelle rustic pointy ends

french ficelle w/poppy seeds

french ficelle w/sesame seeds

french long ficelle

french pain de mie

french white loaf

french white pullman


milk bun


blueberry boule

blueberry dinner roll


cherry cashew boule

cranberry pecan batard

cranberry pecan boule

cranberry pecan dinner roll


date walnut boule


kaiser sandwich roll

kaiser sandwich roll w/poppy seeds


bolillo (french roll)

bolillo baguette

bolillo dinner roll

bolillo ficelle

bolillo pullman

bolillo telera roll


jalapeno cheese bolillo

jalapeno cheese dinner roll


brioche burger bun

brioche burger bun w/poppy seeds

brioche burger bun w/sesame seeds

brioche hot dog bun

brioche hot dog bun mini

brioche loaf

brioche pullman

brioche slider bun (3 sizes)


potato burger bun

potato burger bun w/sesame seeds

potato hot dog bun


lavash plain

lavash w/everything seeds

lavash w/herbs

lavash w/parmesan

lavash w/parmesan and black pepper

lavash w/sesame seeds and sumac


“pretzel” burger bun

“pretzel” dinner roll

“pretzel” hot dog bun


sourdough #2 “nathan’s loaf”

rosemary sourdough boule

rosemary sourdough dinner roll

rosemary sourdough loaf

rosemary sourdough pullman


sourdough baguette

sourdough boule

sourdough dinner roll

sourdough loaf

sourdough pullman


multigrain baguette

multigrain batard

multigrain boule

multigrain ciabatta roll 4x4

multigrain dinner roll

multigrain loaf

multigrain pullman


olive boule

olive dinner roll

olive loaf

olive pullman


pumpernikel dinner roll

pumpernikel pullman

pumpnikel loaf


rye caraway baguette

rye caraway boule

rye caraway dinner roll

rye caraway loaf

rye caraway pullman


whole wheat baguette

whole wheat boule

whole wheat burger bun

whole wheat dinner roll

whole wheat loaf

whole wheat pulllman


honey wheat dinner roll

honey wheat loaf


whole wheat ciabatta  petit pain

whole wheat ciabatta dinner roll

whole wheat ciabatta loaf

golden rye raisin loaf




many of our breads are available par baked

and most can be sliced







brownie, salted caramel

brownie, triple chocolate


cookie, chocolate chip chewy *

cookie, chocolate chip crispy

cookie, chocolate walnut (no added wheat)

cookie, ginger date molasses *

cookie, peanut butter *

cookie, salted peanut butter *

cookie, oatmeal raisin *

cookie, chocolate sable (shortbread)

cookie, walnut sable (shortbread)

cookie, snickerdoodle *

cookie, white chocolate cashew *

cookie, double chocolate (vegan)


croissant *croissant, almond *

croissant, chocolate *

croissant, everything

croissant, ham & everything *


danish, berry & cream cheese *

danish, blueberry lemon (seasonal)

danish, spinach feta



monkey bread

almond berry cake



pain au lait

loaf, pistachio rose


muffin, blueberry *

muffin, bran *

muffin, double chocolate *

muffin, coffee cake *

muffin, cornbread *

muffin, cornbread w/jalapeno & cheese *

muffin, banana (no nuts added) *

muffin, peach (seasonal)


scone, apricot pistachio *

scone, maple *

scone, strawberry oatmeal *

drop scone, blueberry

drop scone, raspberry lemon


* available as a MINI




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